As an important aspect we consider the customized, holistic support of our clients at the early determination of all significant parameters and premises. In terms of quantity as well as quality.

Target groups, guidelines, priorities, expectations…

Often in form of goal-oriented workshops with affected users and decision makers arises - even before the first design sketches - a precise requirements profile which is the foundation of each planning task. This contributes during further planning to a constant comparison of the planning results in terms of goal achievement.

Conceptual support on the basis of our wide and long-term experience helps with the professional project development and is therefore often performed as an early stand-alone service.

Conceptual studies, feasibility and planning studies, variant analysis. 
Early reference value determination of surfaces, costs, staff and medium requirements. 
Inventory analysis, reports.

By the way, one section of our mandates is based on the won design or concept competitions which we gladly participate in on a regular basis.