Plan Ohne Bosch


We are engineers – by conviction and necessity. We value a structured, analytical approach, funded on a wide spectrum of expertise and creativity. Therefore our employees consistently have a solid technical and/or economical university education. In addition to that they usually have a technical training of several years as a project assistant "on the job" in ongoing projects in interdisciplinary teams.

Project and team leaders in our office generally have more than 10 years of personal, technical work and project experience. The most important element of professional expertise and sovereignty of a planning company is ultimately about the specific experiences and market knowledge of its employees.

In addition to that we encourage specific training activities and continuing education programs on a regular basis. This is essential in a technical and economical very widely framed subject with diverse interfaces, short innovation cycles and mostly quick dynamic project processes.

Unlike many of our competitors we work entirely neutral and independent, this means without secondary, distribution or user interests. But instead with great commitment and unique expertise of over 50 years of project work and hundreds of planning objects of every size and form of usage.