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TRAUBE TONBACH "temporaire"

Project Information:

Interim building #temporaire 

"A temporary home for our Schwarzwaldstube and our Köhlerstube"

... that's what Heiner Finkbeiner calls the "temporaire". After just 8 weeks construction time a modern and functional building has been erected on top of an existing garage building of the Hotel Traube Tonbach, which now serves as an interim solution for Germany's most famous top range restaurant "Schwarzwaldstube" and the "Köhlerstube". 

The two internationally renowned restaurants were realized in record time - despite Corona - as temporary structures including an extensive container installation for both kitchens and a modular lightweight construction for the guest rooms. Until the inauguration of the completely redesigned new building currently being built to replace the "Stammhaus" which had burned down to the ground in early 2020, the two chefs Torsten Michel and Florian Stolte as well as head sommelier Stéphane Gass can continue to accommodate their guests in the #temporaire at the usual highest level.

Photos: Copyright Traube Tonbach - René Riis
Construction site photos: IGW

Year of completition:



Familie Finkbeiner KG


ARP ArchitektenPartnerschaft Stuttgart GbR